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The Correct Watch Battery Every Time

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Most watches today are powered by a small battery. These might only need replacing ever year or so. However it is VERY important to replace these with the correct type of battery.

It is tempting to replace your watch battery with a very cheap alternative, the type you can buy everywhere. The cheap batteries which you can buy in euro-shops are not intended for expensive time-pieces.

Watch batteriesAll genuine watch batteries are either silver-oxide or lithium which are far less likely to leak. We have seen very expensive watches ruined by the corrusion caused by cheap batteries. Saving €5 by using a battery which ruins a watch costing hundrds of euros is clearly a false economy.

We can replace almost any watch battery, while you wait for about €8 or €9, including fitting while you wait. Doing this yourself to save a few euro might end up as a very expensive mistake if the battery leaks, ruining your expensive watch beyond repair.

We can also replace worn or broken lugs (the small bars which hold your watch onto its strap) while you wait. If a lug breaks when you're wearing a watch, and you don't notice, you might easily lose your precious watch.